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The collection of interviews of CegeSoma largely accessible

 CegeSoma manages a large and varied collection of interviews carried out since the early 1970s, either by researchers of the Centre or in the context of external initiatives such as the programmes Jours de Guerre produced by the RTBF or also those by Maurice De Wilde by the VRT. Read more...

Submersion in the question of keywords

 For more than 20 years, the online Pallas catalogue has allowed to search documents in the collections of CegeSoma. Pallas proposes different ways of navigating to the users, among others the search by keywords. Read more...

We have read your views and drawn our conclusions: CegeSoma facilitates the access to its collections!

 The question of the access to our collections was one of the key points that was examined in the context of the MADDLAIN project. Although the tools and means of communication used by our readers have changed considerably in the digital age, the main reason for different publics to turn to an institution such as CegeSoma remains the consultation of our archives and our rich library which is made accessible to them. Read more...

Join our Team of Volunteers!

 As you may have read in these pages, CegeSoma continuously acquires new archive funds, documentation and photographs.

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DIGITAL CATALOGUES - 3 tips to find more sources and references

 The consultation of the digital catalogues of institutions such as the Royal Library, the State Archives and CegeSoma* is one of the first steps researchers take to reach an understanding of our history. Therefore, we give you three tips to find more references and digital sources in the catalogues of these institutions.

NEW - Few changes made on our website to help you access our catalogues in an easier way

 Dear users, the MADDLAIN research project is still being finalised but the CegeSoma is already applying a few of its outcomes to better meet your digital needs. A few changes were made to help you access our catalogues in an easier way.
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ACQUISITION – Archives of the Witte Brigade

 An Essential Collection for the History of the Resistance in Flanders

The Witte Brigade (Fidelio) is the only resistance movement of a national dimension founded in Flanders. Its archives have recently been donated to our institution. They are all the more precious because they cover not only the post-war but also the occupation period. Furthermore, a detailed inventory has been made which greatly facilitates accessibility. 
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INVENTORY - The Air War in Western Europe (1939-1945) Unraveled

 Basic Documentation on Thousands of Air Missions Now Available

Information on missions carried out by bomber aircraft and fighter bombers of all the belligerents of the Second World War in Western Europe is now available. It can be found in the mass of documents collected on the subject and entrusted to CegeSoma by Georges Van Merode.
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