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New depot for the collections of the CEGES-SOMA

Consequences for the service in the reading room

29 May 2012 will be an important date in the history of the Ceges-Soma because for the first time, the institution will dispose of a second depot which will provide twice its actual storing space. The occupation of the second depot will also involve a thorough reorganisation of the collections. Everything possible has been done to minimise the consequences with regard to the service to the readers. Nevertheless, the access to some types of documents will become temporarily more difficult (see further in text). Moreover, the reading room will be closed for two short periods: from Tuesday 29 May to Friday 1 June and from Monday 18 June to Wednesday 20 June.

The depot of the Ceges-Soma in the cellars of the square de l'Aviation has been as good as full for quite some time. The institution now has the disposal of the ground floor of a building situated in the rue de Belgrade in Forest. We are grateful to the Régie des Bâtiments for their efforts in transforming this space into a modern and efficient archive depot.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

    #CRLF#Partial view of the new depot, rue de Belgrade

Partial view of the new depot, rue de Belgrade
We have decided to name this depot the Belgrade depot and to store there the periodicals, the annuals, the press cuttings, the photographs, the posters, the exhibition material, the audiovisual documents, a few important archive funds and, in future, all voluminous archive funds. The books and most of the archive collections will remain in the Aviation depot.


To make the move to the depot in the rue de Belgrade as smooth as possible, the readers will be requested to return at the latest Wednesday 16 May at 5 p.m. all reserved periodicals, annuals, press cuttings and files from the archive fund  AA 383 (files of the Nuremberg trial concerning the defence of  Krupp, Volkssturm, OKW, von Weizsäcker, lawyers, etc.), AA 1331 (research archives Albert De Jonghe), AA 1451 (archives of the social service of the Confédération nationale des prisonniers politiques et ayants droit, Fonprispol), AA 1481 (archives of the professional purge of the Régie des télégraphes et téléphones (RTT)), AA 1643 (part of the archives Jean Van Lierde with regard to Congo), AA 1726 (part of the archives Jean van Lierde with regard to the civic service, conscientious objectors and the peace movement) and AA 2048 (archives of the Confédération nationale des prisonniers politiques et ayants droit).


In addition, from Monday 21 May to Friday 22 June included, the document types mentioned above (periodicals, annuals, press cuttings and some archive funds) can no longer be ordered by the readers. Instructions as to their accessibility from 25 June will be forthcoming.


Finally, from Monday 11 June to at least Friday 22 June, it will not be possible to consult archive funds AA 418 and AA 1325 (archives of the Bureau belge d'information et de documentation à Londres (Inbel)), AA 1314 (pieces of evidence of the files of the trials regarding collaboration with the enemy), AA 1333 (personal and general files of the National Security Service concerning the intelligence services) and AA 1882 (part of the archives concerning the activities of the Military Prosecutor's Office). During this period, these important funds will be subjected to a reorganisation in the depot of the square de l'Aviation.


Moreover we remind the readers that the reading room will be closed during the two phases of the moving of the collections to the depot in the rue de Belgrade, namely from Tuesday 29 May to Friday 1 June and from Monday 18 June to Wednesday 20 June.


Finally, from Monday 25 June until Friday 31 August, the access to the books and archives kept in the square de l'Aviation will be limited due to the important reorganisations that will take place. Furthermore, during this period, the readers will be allowed to keep any ordered books and archives only for two consecutive days (no reservations will be possible for more then one day).


We apologize for any inconvenience caused en we thank you for your understanding.


Fabrice Maerten                                                                Rudi Van Doorslaer
Head of Department Documentation                                 Director