Image bank

To search our image bank:

  1. Go to the home page of the catalogue. You can introduce a keyword or group of words related to your field of interest,  and tick the box  “Photo Library” in the right hand column. Then, click on “search”.

  2. A list of descriptions will appear in response to your request. You can now click on one of these descriptions which correspond either to an image or to a group of images. If the image does not appear at once, click on the little eye on top of the screen. To enlarge the image, double-click on the image of your choice.

Three important remarks concerning the consultation of the image bank:

  1. To make it accessible to the public, the photo collection of Cegesoma is systematically inventorised, digitised and each image is provided with a description. To maintain coherence in the introduction of the descriptions, the following rule is observed: we maintain the original description, because we believe that it has an intrinsic archivistic value. In other words, the text on the back of the photograph is literally copied. This working method is important, especially where the propaganda images are concerned (which after all form an important part of our collection) and where descriptions are often manipulated or even false. In the case of private funds, we also keep all information provided by the donators.

  2. As a result of the changes in the rules and dispositions with regard to the copyright, Cegesoma is currently undertaking a detailed scrutiny of its collections. As a result, some photographs may no longer be accessible via our website but still present on the image bank. Though they can no longer be made available via the internet nor can they be reproduced, their documentary value remains. They can however be consulted for research purposes, by appointment, in Cegesoma (contact Florence Gillet or Isabelle Sampieri). Thus, it is possible that a description indicates that a photo collection contains 25 images but that only 10 of those are visible on our website. It is also possible that a description of a photo collection does not give access to any images. This is not necessarily due to a technical problem. The collection can be inaccessible for reasons of copyright.

    Because this detailed research will take a lot of time, some photographs are still accessible on the internet even though they will no longer be in the future. As a result of this ongoing research we may have to refuse the reproduction of some photographs. We will answer each request upon receipt of the order form. We apologise for any inconvenience these new regulations may cause. They are however essential and are applied in the interest of all parties and in accordance with the law.

  3. In view of the increasing number of unpaid orders from abroad and considering the difficulties in claiming these payments, we have decided to deliver photographs only after receipt of the payment. We hope you will appreciate our position in this matter.