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For many years CegeSoma has been fortunate to have a dynamic team of volunteers at its disposal. The head of the Documentation Sector, Fabrice Maerten, coordinates the valuable activities of this team. They consist in the classification and inventorisation of our archive collections that concern mainly the political and cultural history of Belgium from 1940 to the 1970s, focusing in particular on the two World Wars. The volunteers occupy a spacious office in the recently renovated part of the building, on the fourth floor. They enjoy the same logistic support as CegeSoma staff and are also included in the multiple collective activities of the institution.


Please contact Fabrice Maerten if you wish to become a volunteer at CegeSoma.


In 2019, the team of volunteers consists of:

  • Bruno Picard, Nico Theunissen, Francis Lambrechts, Marc De Win and Emile Dejehansart who classify and inventorize archive collections under the guidance of Fabrice Maerten.
  • Mania Kozyreff who works in the library department under the supervision of Alain Colignon. She is responsible for the sector Press cuttings. She tries to identify, as accurately as possible, the persons figuring in the keywords of the Pallas catalogue.
  • Dirk Martin, who performs translations for the Public History Sector under the supervision of Chantal Kesteloot.

CegeSoma can also count on the competent support of the volunteers of the Aktion Sühnezeichen Friedensdienste (ASF). Thus, since September 2018, Johanna Neumann is part of the reading room team while also assisting the  Documentation Sector. 

Yearly meeting of the ASF Volunteers at CegeSoma

 On 19 June, the yearly meeting of the ASF volunteers and their project partners took place in the conference room of CegeSoma.


For 60 years, the ASF (Aktion Sühnezeichen Friedensdienste), an association founded by opponents of Nazism, sends each year some 170 young German volunteers to countries where the population has suffered from the crimes committed by the Nazis during the Second World War. The first ASF volunteers arrived in Belgium in 1963. Read more...

Action Reconciliation Service for Peace and CegeSoma are Long-standing Partners

 Since 2010, ARSP Belgium and CegeSoma have been coordinating a joint research project, “Exile in Belgium”, concerning the immigration of German refugees in Belgium from 1933 to 1940. The objective is to deepen the knowledge on this topic and to follow the trajectories of these refugees by tracing their life paths.

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Volonteers – Departure of the Most Senior Member of the Team


After Gilbert Waeyenbergh, who after 20 years of intensive work accomplished the complete filing of the photographs of the pro-German press agency Sipho, left CegeSoma in December 2013, we now face the departure of the dedicated Pierre Brolet. He will leave the Centre this November 2016. He leaves us with dozens of inventories and lists allowing an easy access to the multiple archive collections.
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Les bénévoles et stagiaires

Un apport de premier ordre pour le Cegesoma

 En ces temps de rigueur budgétaire, notre institution n'a pu disposer de moyens financiers pour accueillir de jeunes jobistes au cours de ces deux derniers étés. Aussi le concours des stagiaires et surtout des bénévoles est-il précieux, en particulier pour accomplir une partie des nombreuses tâches liées au classement et à la mise à la disposition du public de la documentation. Read more...