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EXHIBITION - Brussels, welcoming city?

 Starting October 13, the Jewish Museum of Belgium will host the exhibition 'Brussels: welcoming city?'. Co-organised by the Jewish Museum and the Belgian State Archives, this exhibition recalls nearly two centuries (from 1830 until today) of migration history, focusing on the life stories of newcomers who either passed through the Belgian capital, or settled there forever. The historical narrative is complemented by a presentation of recent work by immigrant artists, devoted to the cultural diversity of present-day Brussels.

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NEW RESEARCH PROJECT – The transition from war to peace in Brussels, 1918

Over the course of the following months, CegeSoma will conduct research on a turbulent episode in Belgian history: the transition from war to peace in Brussels between September and December 1918. During these months, a multitude of events took place, including the establishment of 'red' German soldiers' councils, the exodus of the occupying forces, the reprisals of Belgians against pro-German citizens, the rapid reinstatement of public order by the police and the law courts, the re-establishment of the free press, and the festive welcome of King Albert and mayor Adolphe Max.

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