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Audiovisual archives

The audiovisual department manages and valorises the photographs, the poster collection, the sound documents, the interviews and the audiovisual documents.


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photographic archives - poster collection - videotape collection

sound documents - interviews


The photographic archives 

Little boys, members of ‘Sons of the Wolf’, fascist Italy 1938.
Little boys, members of 'Sons of the Wolf', fascist Italy 1938.

The photographic archives consist essentially of the collections of the Sipho agency which distributed a large element of the Belgian as well as the international press photographs from 1930 until 1944. In 1946, the Sipho responsibles were brought to trial and its collections were confiscated. In 1970 they were transferred to the Centre.


This important collection (some 300,000 photographs) contains a Belgian and an international section. It has been regularly supplemented with new acquisitions such as the collections of Otto Kropf (relating to daily life in occupied Belgium), of Raphaël Algoet (on the liberation of the German concentration camps in 1945), of André Cauvin (on Congo) and photographs from different private collections concerning mainly the Great War and the Second World War, but also the Belgian colonisation and the fifties. 


Italian children during the Second World War.
Italian children during the Second World War.

This project was begun in 1998 to digitise the photographic collection. More than 300,000 photographs have been inventorised and scanned and can be accessed and viewed through the online catalogue


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The poster collection Poster "Landarbeid is gezond"

Since its foundation in 1969, Cegesoma has accumulated an important poster collection of which a large part is related to the Second World War. It contains placards originating from the Belgian administration and documents issued in the context of the German and Allied (British and Canadian) propaganda. But other themes are also prominent: Communist propaganda, the cinema, colonial propaganda, the 1930s, Rexism, pacifism, the Cold War and European integration. Part of the collection of the well-known artist Wilchar of the 1930s and 40s also forms part of our poster collection, which, at present, consists of some 3000 posters. They are gradually scanned and introduced in our Pallas image bank.


Five color posters from our collection have been reproduced as postcards (available at € 0,50 per postcard or € 2 for the complete series).


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The videotape collection

The videotape collection of Cegesoma consists of approximately 600 tapes and includes primarily the documentaries made by the francophone (RTBF) and the Flemish (VRT) television on the Second World War (notably the programmes made by Maurice De Wilde on the pre-war and occupation periods, the series on the Resistance and on daily life, the series Jours de Guerre, etc.).

In our commitment to accessibility, the collection has gradually broadened its themes. It includes in particular the complete RTBF-series Inédits. We also hold a large and continuing collection of DVD tapes. The complete collection is accessible in the reading room.


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The sound documents

The basis of the collection of sound documents consists of 4,500 records originating from Radio-Bruxelles and Zender Brussel, the two broadcasting stations that were on the air during the occupation period, together with Radio Belgium of London and New York. The Centre keeps an original of this collection and a copy on cassettes (the result of a collaboration project with the VRT). From this material two sound documents were produced in collaboration with the VRT and the Crédit Communal/Gemeentekrediet: België beeft en … buigt (on the pre-war period in Belgium) and België bezet en bevrijd (on the occupation period and the Liberation).


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The interviews

William Ugeux (1909-1997), an important figure of the Belgian resistance, leader of the escape line Zéro, has been interviewed on several occasions by researchers of the Centre.
William Ugeux (1909-1997), an important figure of the Belgian resistance, leader of the escape line Zéro, has been interviewed on several occasions by researchers of the Centre.
Cegesoma keeps an important and varied collection of interviews. The first were recorded in the early 1970s. They consist of:
-    1,800 interviews (all of which are digitised) of former resistance fighters, collaborators and other eyewitnesses of the Second World War undertaken by researchers from the Centre.
-    700 interviews by journalists of RTBF (from the series Jours de Guerre)
-    The interviews by Maurice De Wilde (VRT) for his broadcasts on collaboration, repression and resistance.
-    1,200 interviews on daily life in Belgium during the Occupation, recorded between 1984 and 1998 in the course of a research project at UCL (Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve) led by Professor Jacques Lory.


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We encourage students and researchers to deposit the interviews they have undertaken in the course of their research activities at Cegesoma. Thus, they are preserved in the best possible circumstances while at the same time making them available for future research purposes. If you should be interested in this type of deposit, please contact Florence Gillet.




For more information :  Florence Gillet