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Welcome to CEGESOMA

CEGESOMA, Centre for Historical Research and Documentation on War and Contemporary Society, is the Belgian centre of excellence for the history of 20th century conflicts. It carries out research, organises public events and holds document collections. As a federal institution it is, together with the State Archives and the Royal Library, part of the Documentation Pole. It is a platform for academic and public activities in Belgium and abroad, in particular with regard to the two World Wars.

Notice to the Visitors and Partners of Cegsoma and the State Archives of Belgium

From 1 January, CegeSoma will be part of the State Archives

From 1 January 2016, CegeSoma will be integrated in the State Archives under its new name “Study Centre War and Society”. From that date, CegeSoma will be the fourth Operational Directorate (OD4) of the State Archives.
The tasks of OD4 / CegeSoma remain unchanged.
For now, the integration has no consequences for the researcher or the visitor of CegeSoma. There will be no changes at present with regard to the reading room (the regulations, tariffs, opening hours) and the online services (websites, search systems). At the beginning of 2016, measures will be developed and implemented to harmonise public service in all Operational Directorates of the State Archives. We will inform you of these measures in due time.
Also for the partners of CegeSoma and the State Archives, everything will remain the same, a few practical matters excepted.
You can follow these developments via the usual information channels: newsletters, websites and facebook pages.

Karel Velle & Rudi Van Doorslaer17 December 2015

Terrorists and Perpetrators of Genocide : a Comparison

Abram de Swaan will take the Floor at Cegesoma.arch's New Year conference


 Politicians and experts, academics included, often understand contemporary conflicts on a short-term basis. In the context of its mission as a centre of expertise on the history of 20th century conflicts, CegeSoma.arch wants to widen its horizon. For the New Year's conferences, it invites eminent researchers to establish a link between a contemporary question and its historical context. The first New Year Conference will take place on Friday 19 February 2016. Read more...

The “Cegesoma Newsletter” no. 19 has been published

The Cegesoma Newsletter was launched in Summer 2013 and the ninetheenth issue has just been published. It can be consulted here.

As a reminder, the principal objective of this publication is to inform of scholarly events, public history and documentation of Cegesoma.

To receive this Newsletter, click here.

Germany and International Scientific Relations After 1918


How did WWI disrupt international academic networks? This Historikerdialog will take place on Wednesday 17 February 2016 in Liège. The speakers are Peter Schöttler (CNRS/Freie Universität Berlin) and Christoph Brüll (FNRS/Université de Liège). Read more...

Elke Sleurs Visits Cegesoma

 On Wednesday 27 January 2016, an important conference took place at Cegesoma. Elke Sleurs, Secretary of State for science policy gave a speech about the integration of Cegesoma into the State Archives.
Karel Velle, the Archive's general director, and Rudi Van Doorslaer, director of Cegesoma, were present at the conference, in which the Secretary retraced the context and underlined the importance of the integration. She also announced the different stages of the integration that will take place in the nearby future, but also its development on  the longer term.
Read more...

Workshop on Transitional Justice: Call for Paper

 On 17 May 2016, CegeSoma co-organizes a workshop with the Centre for Global Affairs (Leiden University). The overarching theme of the workshop is the tension that occurs in many Transitional Justice programs, between certain international expectations and local realities. These tensions are often connected to different or opposing perceptions of the notion 'reconciliation'. We hereby launch a Call for Papers, searching for concrete national cases that will help us discuss this issue.
Read more...

The Belgian War Press: Students Share their Experiences

 Since its launch in December 2012, The Belgian War Press website has had an increasing number of Belgian and foreign visitors. History students of the UCL have used it frequently for a seminar paper in the course of the past academic year. This can be considered a large-scale user test of the website. You can read their experiences and a reflection about the changes brought about by digital tools to the historical profession here .

A Virtual Museum on the Second World War under Preparation

 There is no museum in Belgium on the Second World War that offers an overview of current WWII research. The BRAIN-project BELVIRMUS/WW2 , coordinated by the State Archives, wants to fill this lacuna by creating a virtual museum on the Second War in Belgium, focusing primarily on collaboration and repression. Read more...
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