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Welcome to CEGESOMA/State Archives of Belgium

CEGESOMA, Centre for Historical Research and Documentation on War and Society, is the Belgian centre of excellence for the history of 20th century conflicts. It carries out research, organises public events and holds document collections. It is since 1 January 2016 the fourth Operational Directory of the State Archives. It is a platform for academic and public activities in Belgium and abroad, in particular with regard to the two World Wars.

International Conference "Rigt to be forgoten versus right ro remember"


À l'occasion de la nouvelle réglementation européenne sur la vie privée, approuvée en mai 2016 par le Parlement européen, les Archives générales du Royaume organisent le 10 octobre 2016 au Palais des Académies un colloque international ayant pour thème le droit à l'oubli face au droit à la mémoire.
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Exhibition War in Short Pants, 14-18

On 14 October 2016, the exhibition War in Short Pants, 14-18 opens in Ghent. It is the fruit of a collaboration between CegeSoma and the Historische Huizen Gent and shows that the First World War was not only a matter for soldiers but also mobilised children. By means of audio guides, available in four languages, the exhibition takes us on a journey through the universe of seven boys and girls who experienced the conflict in occupied Belgium, but also in Russia, Germany, France, England, the Ottoman Empire or even in Australia.
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Young historians with talent ! An 11th edition with multiple accents

 On 14 October 2016, CegeSoma will once more give the floor to young and talented historians who graduated in 2015, authors of Master theses concerning the two World Wars and their aftermaths. The day will be organized around a number of key points: a series of debates with experts on the questions concerned; a focus on a selection of archive funds with promising research possibilities and, finally, an analysis of the subjects of contemporary history theses presented in Belgium over the last ten years.

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Archives Les Enfants de la Patrie – Kinderen van het Vaderland

The key to information about the fate of children during and after the Second World War

Last June, the Operational Directorate 4 – CegeSoma – received a remarkable archive holding to be joined to the many archives of patriotic associations it keeps. In this case, the association was not one of the former parties involved in the conflict in a classical sense (war prisoners, resistance fighters, deported persons, etc.), as the Oeuvre royale nationale Les Enfants de la Patrie is dedicated to the collateral victims of the war, namely the war orphans.
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New leadership for CegeSoma

 Rudi Van Doorslaer has left the institution on 31 August 2016 to enjoy his well-earned retirement. During the appointment procedure for a new director, management of CegeSoma, now Operational Directorate 4 of the State Archives, has been entrusted to our colleague Dirk Martin. Spotlight on two individual careers.
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Notice to the Visitors and Partners of CegeSoma and the State Archives of Belgium

From 1 January, CegeSoma will be part of the State Archives

From 1 January 2016, CegeSoma will be integrated in the State Archives. From that date, CegeSoma will be the fourth Operational Directorate (OD4) of the State Archives.
The tasks of OD4 / CegeSoma remain unchanged. For now, the integration has no consequences for the researcher or the visitor of CegeSoma. There will be no changes at present with regard to the reading room (the regulations, tariffs, opening hours) and the online services (websites, search systems). In 2016, measures will be developed and implemented to harmonise public service in all Operational Directorates of the State Archives. We will inform you of these measures in due time. Also for the partners of CegeSoma and the State Archives, everything will remain the same, a few practical matters excepted.
You can follow these developments via the usual information channels: newsletters, websites and facebook pages.

Karel Velle & Rudi Van Doorslaer17 December 2015

A renewed website


The website of the JBH – the journal of reference for Belgian contemporary history – has recently been renewed !

It is now possible to search all articles by keywords, by category (reviews, PhD research, debates) or even by thematic issue.

Browse the clear and user-friendly pages of the site and discover the second new thematic issue of this year dedicated to the Belgian Military History before 1914.
Enjoy the (re)discovery !

The first issue of 2016 of the Journal of Belgian History has been published

This thematic issue is dedicated to the history of marginal groups and subalternity in contemporary Belgian history. The invited editors-in-chief, Magaly Rodriguez et Amandine Lauro, selected four articles that break away from the traditional "iron triangle" of ethnicity-class-gender categorisations. These articles contribute to new discussion on Belgian society and the dynamics of in-/exclusion in historical perspective.

For more information, see the new website of the journal : http://www.journalbelgianhistory.be


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