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Welcome to CEGESOMA

CEGESOMA, Centre for Historical Research and Documentation on War and Contemporary Society, is the Belgian centre of excellence for the history of 20th century conflicts. It carries out research, organises public events and holds document collections. As a federal institution it is, together with the State Archives and the Royal Library, part of the Documentation Pole. It is a platform for academic and public activities in Belgium and abroad, in particular with regard to the two World Wars.

The Holocaust Through its Documents


On Tuesday 28 April 2015, CegeSoma, organizes a debate on a recently published volume dedicated to the persecution of the Jews of North and Eastern Europe. As Barbara Lambauer and Katja Happe, kingpins of this volume, will be in Brussels, we decided to also invite major Belgian experts to take part in the discussion.
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Important notice

On Friday 1st May 2015 (Labour Day), the Centre wil be closed.

Soviet Film Production and Babi Yar, 1943-1945: Featuring the Holocaust


The Babi Yar site near Kiev was the background of the second largest massacre of Soviet Jews (29-30 September 1941). The place became a gigantic mass grave, where also all whom the Nazis judged unwanted were left behind. How did Soviet cinema deal with this? Vanessa Voisin will give a lecture on the subject on 29 April 2015.
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Source Material on Military Justice Acknowledged

The history of the Belgian military courts, abolished in 2004, has long been neglected. On Thursday 30 April 2015, a study day in the Royal Military Academy will acknowledge the importance of the sources of Belgian military justice. Register now! Read more...

Les Journaux de Guerre, l’histoire continue !


Suite à son succès, la série des Journaux de Guerre 1914-1918 se poursuit sous la forme de 20 numéros consacrés à l'entre-deux-guerres (1919-1939). En collaboration avec les éditions londoniennes Albertas, le CegeSoma vous invite à vous plonger dans la période trouble que sont les années qui séparent la Première et la Deuxième Guerre mondiale à travers une sélection exceptionnelle et inédite de journaux originaux d'époque. Read more...

Part of the brochures on Belgium not available

From 21st of April on, a part of the brochures on Belgium (series BR B) will be, due to their digitization, unavailable in the reading room for some months.


Double exhibition: Liberation! Belgians in German Camps

CegeSoma, Kazerne Dossin and the National Memorial of the Fortress of Breendonk have joined forces to commemorate the seventieth anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi camps. The double exhibition 'Liberation! Belgians in German Camps' will open on 2 April 2015 in the Kazerne Dossin museum and in the Fortress of Breendonk. It will exhibit photographs never shown before, presenting revelatory sights of the last months of the war.
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The Mons Memorial Museum Open to the Public

 This Saturday 4 April 2015, the Mons Memorial Museum opens its doors. This is a place where we learn about the eventful history of the capital of the Hainaut province, and a place of reflection on the relation between civilians and soldiers during the two World Wars. CegeSoma has contributed to the wealth of documents on display.
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