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International colloquium “In the Heart of the Great War – Au Coeur de la Grande Guerre”

From 26 to 28 October, the brand new Mons Memorial Museum will host the international colloquium “In the Heart of the Great War – Au Coeur de la Grande Guerre ”, organized in cooperation with CegeSoma. The colloquium focuses on the interaction between citizens and the military during the First World War.

The life of the military at the front and the civilians at the home front coincided more than is generally assumed. The colloquium wishes to analyze these interactions and how they took place, in particular by highlighting individual trajectories and the way in which individuals combined military and civil social environments. The colloquium is conceived to be a place where young researchers can exchange ideas. Through dialogue and debate, it will present a coherent vision on the subject. A few colleagues of the State Archives will speak during this conference:

  • Florent Verfaillie, currently a PhD researcher at CegeSoma, will present a paper on soldiers who, after having deserted or having received a new training by the army, returned to their civilian life in occupied Belgium and consequently collaborated with the Germans.
  • Pierre-Jean Niebes will present the archives held by the Mons State Archives about the Great War.
  • Arnaud Charon will discuss 'Le travail forcé de la population belge dans les Zones d'Étapes : travailleurs civils militarisés ?'
  • Chantal Kesteloot will be one of the two moderators of the session 'Groupes sociaux et identités'.

You will find the complete programme of the colloquium here , and you can register here .