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Fifth 'double' Public History Encounter of the CegeSoma

1.   At the Royal Museum of the Armed forces/War Heritage Institute on 20 May 2019 (10.00 am – 11.45 am) 'Private tour of the new permanent exhibition 'War - Occupation – Liberation' 
2.   At CegeSoma on 19 June 2019 (12.30 pm – 2.00 pm)        
  'Current challenges for a war museum.'
Conference-debate with guest speakers: Wannes Devos and Kevin Gony.Moderated by Chantal Kesteloot

 On 8 May, the new exhibition halls of the royal Museum of the Armed Forces/War Heritage Institute about the period 1939-1945 will be inaugurated.
This marks an event that was long in the making.
The opening marks a new period of commemorations of the 75th anniversary of the Liberation and the end of the Second World War.
Discover these rich new exhibition halls (with unique visual documents and objects, testimonies and over 2,000 items exposed on 3,000 m²) in the largest exposition about the Second World War in Belgium. 

CegeSoma and 'Les Amis du CegeSoma' are pleased to invite you to an exceptional free visit.
This fifth 'double' Public History Meeting will take place on two separate days:
On Monday 20 May (the museum is closed on Monday), you have the privileged opportunity to discover the exhibition halls about 1939-1945. Your guide will be one of the two main curators of this exhibition, namely Kevin Gony for the French-speakers and Wannes Devos for the Dutch-speakers.
On Wednesday 19 June, you will have the occasion to enter a debate with them at CegeSoma during our Public History Meeting (in French and Dutch) hosted by Chantal Kesteloot. Among others, our guest speakers will discuss these questions: why are these new exhibition halls important for the future of the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces/War Heritage Institute? What missions do war history museums carry out? etc.
During the conference and debate of 19 June at CegeSoma, Wannes Devos and Kevin Gony will also present the synthesis book published at the same time: 'War. Occupation. Liberation. Belgium 1940-1945', Lannoo, 2019, 328 p. 
The book is published in Dutch, French and English.
It is for sale for 29.99 € and you will have the occasion to have it signed by the authors.


   In 2008, Wannes Devos graduated as a historian at Ghent University (Public History, Modern History) and since 2009 he holds a master's degree in business economics (public management). For a couple of years he was a collaborator for the platform Unesco Vlaanderen. In 2013, he worked for several months at NS-Dokumentationszentrum in Cologne. For 10 years now he has been a scientific collabroator at the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces (which is part of the War Heritage Institute since 2017). He is currently writing a doctoral thesis under the direction of Bruno De Wever (Ghent University) and Kees Ribbens (Erasmus University Rotterdam) about the museum interpretation of war and history in national military museums - a subject about which he has already published several articles.

Kevin Gony graduated in history from Liège University and is a scientific collaborator at the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces (War Heritage Institute), where he mainly studies the Second World War outside Western Europe.

He is a trained medievalist and other fields of expertise include the early Middle Ages in the West and the history of the Middle East.



  • Private visit of the permanent exhibition 'War - Occupation – Liberation' at the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces/War Heritage Institute on 20 May 2019 (10.00 am – 11.45 am). Address: entry via Avenue de la Renaissance (on the right side of the Royal Institute for Cultural Heritage (IRPA/KIK): walk ca. 100 metres to the big blue door (service entrance of the museum) = Parc du Cinquantenaire no. 3).
    Please register for the visit: isabelle.ponteville@arch.be or 02.556.92.11.


  • Conference-debate 'Current challenges for a war museum?' at CegeSoma on 19 June 2019 (12.30 pm – 2.00 pm). Address: CegeSoma – Square de l'Aviation 29 – 1070 Brussels (conference room – 1st floor).
    Please register: isabelle.ponteville@arch.be or 02.556.92.11 and indicate if you would like to have a snack* + if yes, which one (5 Euros to be wired before the event to CegeSoma: IBAN: BE12 6792 0045 0092 - BIC: PCHQBEBB + communication: Name and last name + Public History Meeting WHI).
    * Snack choice 1: organic bread with cheese and vegetables (+ still water, sparkling water or orange juice) / * Snack choice 2: organic bread with ham and vegetables (+ still water, sparkling water or orange juice)
    Feel free to come accompanied!