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Conference in Leuven about archives and historical research

From 6 to 7 June, the yearly international archival symposium will take place in the Belgian State Archives in Leuven.

The theme of this year's conference is archives and scholarly research (Archive und wissenschaftliche Forschung).

 Sébastien Dubois (operational director of the State Archives Wallonia) participates to the opening debate, which will be moderated by Eddy Put (head of the Operational Directorate Flanders of the Belgian State Archives).

Nico Wouters (CegeSoma) will give a presentation about the archives and research about the Second World War in Belgium. 

The conference languages will be German and English, the subscription fee is 120 euro and you can register via rijksarchief.leuven@arch.be.


You can find the conference program including all practical information here.