The CEGESOMA is a Belgian centre of expertise with regard to 20th century conflicts. It regularly publishes, alone or in coedition, monographs and research tools.

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Human Rights between 1914 and 1940

 In May 2017, Laurence Petrone published her book (in Dutch) 'Democratie in Crisis. Een anatomie van de buitengerechtelijke vrijheidsberoving in West-Europa (1914-1940)'. This publication is the result of a research conducted at CegeSoma between 2011 en 2015. The book compares Belgium, France and the Netherlands and analyses how states can drift towards non-democratic, repressive measures under pressure of crisis and war.
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PUBLICATION - a Clear and Accessible Guide on the Sources of the Post-War Purges

Archives providing information on the post-war purges (the so-called 'repression') and its aftermath are not always very accessible to a layperson. On 13 September, a guide will be published, giving an overview of the archives that allow to reconstruct the individual trajectory of those who were confronted with the purges. The guide is an initiative of Ghent University, the ULB, the State Archives and CegeSoma and explains in a clear language how the different sources can be used. The guide will be presented the same day to the press at CegeSoma, in the presence of the Secretary of State of Science Policy, Zuhal Demir. The event is open to the public but spaces are limited. Registration by e-mail is mandatory.

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The Discovery of the Mysteries of the Judicial World


Aude Hendrick & Aude Musin (eds.) 


Les mots de la Justice (The Words of Justice)
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Les "Journaux de Guerre"

This weekly periodical is unique in that it relates the history of the two World Wars and the interwar period through the press of these periods.
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Proceedings of the Study day on Belgian Military Justice


Mélanie Bost, Paul Drossens & Stanislas  Horvat (eds.) 


Resources and Uses of the Military Justice Archives 

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Piet Akkerman, du leader syndicaliste aux Brigades internationales


Sven Tuytens & Rudi Van Doorslaer 


Israëll Piet Akkerman. Van Antwerpse vakbondsleider tot Spanjestrijder 

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Questioning the archivistic potential of the image

Under the direction of

Julie Maeck (CegeSoma) & Matthias Steinle


L'image d'archives. Une image en devenir 

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War Mayors During the Second World War

Nico Wouters 


Mayoral Collaboration under Nazi Occupation in Belgium, the Netherlands and France, 1938-46 

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