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CEGESOMA, Centre for Historical Research and Documentation on War and Society, is the Belgian centre of excellence for the history of 20th century conflicts. It carries out research, organises public events and holds document collections. It is since 1 January 2016 the fourth Operational Directory of the State Archives. It is a platform for academic and public activities in Belgium and abroad, in particular with regard to the two World Wars.

Important notice

On Thursday 25 May 2017 (Ascension Day) and on Friday 26 May 2017, and on Monday 5 June 2017 (Whitsun Monday), the Centre will be closed.


CegeSoma recruits

CegeSoma recruits a Data Import Manager for EHRI-II.  

CegeSoma is currently recruiting a Data Import Manager for the EHRI-II project (European Holocaust Research Infrastructure). Diplomas in the Humanities are eligible, but nevertheless technical- and communication skills are essential. The deadline for all applications is 5 July 2017. You can find all information on the profile and the procedure in this description.


 On 1 May, Nico Wouters was appointed as the new head of CegeSoma (the fourth operational division of the Belgian State Archives). His appointment marks the end of a long transition period in which CegeSoma was headed by interim directors. From now onwards, the institution will be able to fully develop its mission as a centre of expertise in public history, research, and valorization regarding the history of the two world wars and other twentieth-century conflicts.
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NEW RESEARCH PROJECT – The transition from war to peace in Brussels, 1918

 In the coming months, CegeSoma will investigate one of the most turbulent periods in Belgian history: the transition from war to peace at the end of the First World War. For the purpose of an exhibition for the BELvue Museum (2018), we will focus on the last months of the German occupation in Brussels, as well as on the troubled societal context of the months surrounding the liberation. Furthermore, we want to retrace how the Belgian polity underwent crucial democratic reforms during this period. The daily life of the inhabitants of the Belgian capital - which was characterized by a peculiar combination of joy and grief - will be a prominent theme in the upcoming exhibition.

TRANSMEMO: New Research on the Memory of Collaboration and Resistance during the Second World War

 In September 2017, the new research project TRANSMEMO will be launched. The project will examine the way in which memories of resistance and collaboration during the Second World War in Belgium were passed on from parents to children and grandchildren. For this purpose, CegeSoma will engage a new researcher for a two-year period (the deadline for submission of applications is 2 June 2017, download the profile here).
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ARCHIVES – UGESCO project : High-quality Spatial-temporal Metadata for the Digitised Collections

 On 1 April, CegeSoma, in coordination with a multidisciplinary team (Ghent University, Université Libre de Bruxelles, and KU Leuven), launched the UGESCO project (Upscaling the Geo-temporal Enrichment, Exploration and Exploitation of Scientific Collections). UGESCO is dedicated to improving the quality of geo-temporal metadata of digitized audiovisual collections.

BELGIUM WWII – A virtual platform on the Second World War

 At a time when reliable information on sensitive subjects seems more important than ever, CegeSoma is developing a virtual platform on Belgium and its inhabitants during the Second World War. The website Belgium WWII will be launched at the end of September 2017.

We offer a glimpse of the first themes. 
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Open WORKSHOP ‘Scope and Limits of Reconciliation’

 On 29 May, CegeSoma and CECRI will organize an open workshop on the scope and limits of reconciliation ('Scope and Limits of Reconciliation'). Sandra M. Rios Oyola and Björn Krondorfer will exchange views on the subject.
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