Lieven SaerensLieven Saerens (°1958) studied history at the catholic university of Leuven. He wrote his doctoral thesis on the issue of Antwerp's attitude towards the Jews during the period 1880-1944. He has been awarded the 'Hubert Pierlot' price as well as the price of the Province of Antwerp for his doctoral thesis. In the 1980s, he has collaborated to several broadcasts of the Belgian Radio and Television on the subject of Belgium during the Second World War.

In 1987, he became archivist in the KADOC (Catholic Documentation Centre) in Leuven and he has been a researcher at CEGESOMA since 2002. He is involved in many of the institution's projects concerning the question of the judeocide. Since 2004 he is Dutch-language editorial assistent of the academic review of Cegesoma, i.e. the Cahiers d'histoire du temps présent until 2011 and from 2012, the Journal of Belgian History. Finally, he is also in charge of the questions of a scientific nature by the Dutch-speaking public.

His fields of research are the attitude towards the Jews (from approx. 1880 to 1950), Jewish demography, the cultural history of the interwar period and the Second World War, and the post-war collaboration trials.


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