Archives Ludo Dierickx

From Agalev to B Plus

Recently, the Ceges/Soma has acquired the archive of former Agalev-MP Ludo Dierickx (1929-2009). It was donated by his widow. The acquisition is a result of the contacts that were made during the acquisition project “The Belgian idea and separatism” (2007) which aimed at acquiring, keeping and making accessible archives and documentation of organisations and persons who campaigned for the unity of the country after 1945.

Poster B Plus (Archives Ludo Dierickx)
Poster B Plus (Archives Ludo Dierickx)
Ludo Dierickx was born on 10 August 1929, went to the Jesuit college in Borgerhout and continued his studies at the law faculty of the University of Ghent and subsequently at the European College in Bruges. During his studies he became fascinated by the European federalist idea. He founded the European Study and Information Centre and was a researcher at the Institute of European Studies of the Free University of Brussels (ULB). In the early 1960s, Dierickx, who had a Christian-democratic background, was advisor to CVP-minister of the Interior Gilson. From 1968 to 1981 he occupied the post of Director of the Association des établissements publics de soin (Association of Public Hospitals).

In the course of the 1970s he established contacts with the Anders-gaan-leven-beweging (Agalev) (Movement for Living Differently) and became politically active within Agalev. Especially in the 1980s he played a major role in the party. In 1981 he was elected MP, making him one of the very first Agalev-MP's. His publications contributed to shape the theoretical foundations of the green thought in Belgium. 7 years as MP were followed by another 7 as senator. Gradually however, he fulfilled a less prominent role within Agalev. After joining the Socialist Party (SP.A) in 1995, he returned in 2003 to Agalev/Groen.

As opponent of the federalisation of Belgium and as a critical writer on nationalist issues, he had become closely involved with B Plus, an action group which devoted itself to the continued existence of Belgium. In 1998, he was co-founder of the organisation and he became its figurehead during the last years of his life.


The archive fund Ludo Dierickx (AA 2230) covers about 10 running metres and is mostly related to his activities within Agalev and Groen. It consists of personal documents, correspondence with party members, texts of party congresses, reports of the steering committee, executive committee and meetings of the parliamentary party, press releases, periodicals, books and press cuttings. A second important section of the archives is related to B Plus. Furthermore, there are a number of files on the Centrum voor de Studie van het Nationalisme (Centre for the Study of Nationalism), the Europees Studie- en Informatiecentrum (the European Study and Information Centre), on his activities with the Socialist Party and manuscripts about Europe.
In a word, an interesting archive for anyone who wishes to study a number of developments in Belgian politics after 1960.


Gerd De Coster


24 / 2 / 2010