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The new Journal of Belgian History


The new Journal of Belgian History (JBH) is an illustrated scientific journal devoted to the history of Belgium in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It is the result of a merger between the old RBHC / BTNG (1969-2011) and the Cahiers d'Histoire du Temps présent / Bijdragen tot de Eigentijdse Geschiedenis (1996-2011). The journal publishes high-quality articles, summaries of the work of recent doctoral theses, and reviews of historical monographs concerning the history of Belgium, as well as a debate forum. More information can be found in the editorial of the first issue (click here for consultation).

The journal has been incorporated since 2007 in the ISI Arts and Humanities Citation Index. Four issues are published annually including articles in English, French and Dutch. The new JBH is published by CEGESOMA. The journal has its own website (click here for consultation).


Journal of Belgian History – 14-18 takes centre stage in the ‘Debate’ section


Our journal is vitally important for who wishes to follow recent developments of academic research on contemporary Belgian history.

Our new double issue contains six articles that focus on innovative research

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Special Issue of the JBH

 Country and Army in the Making. The Belgian Military in the Long Nineteenth Century

What is the significance of studying military history today ? And where lies the relevance for Belgium, a state that for a long time had a mandatory neutral status and had only a limited military importance ? Nel de Mûelenaere and Josephine Hoegaerts, the two young historians and guest editors of this new theme issue, show that military history can be a flourishing field of research for Belgium, with innovative and interdisciplinary methods.
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A renewed website


The website of the JBH – the journal of reference for Belgian contemporary history – has recently been renewed !

It is now possible to search all articles by keywords, by category (reviews, PhD research, debates) or even by thematic issue.

Browse the clear and user-friendly pages of the site and discover the second new thematic issue of this year dedicated to the Belgian Military History before 1914.
Enjoy the (re)discovery !

The first issue of 2016 of the Journal of Belgian History has been published

This thematic issue is dedicated to the history of marginal groups and subalternity in contemporary Belgian history. The invited editors-in-chief, Magaly Rodriguez et Amandine Lauro, selected four articles that break away from the traditional "iron triangle" of ethnicity-class-gender categorisations. These articles contribute to new discussion on Belgian society and the dynamics of in-/exclusion in historical perspective.

For more information, see the new website of the journal : http://www.journalbelgianhistory.be


New Issue of the Journal of Belgian History


The fourth edition of the Journal of Belgian History for 2015 is finally available. It contains abstracts of all the new PhD-theses, an article by Stefan Huygebaert on national identity after the Revolution of 1848, and a contribution by Karel Van Nieuwenhuyse and Kaat Wils on the role played by historical narratives in the Flemish colleges. It also features an article by Isabelle Devos and Tina Van Rossem on life expectancy estimates in Belgian cities between 1846 and 1910.

More information available at http://www.journalbelgianhistory.be/.

The double issue 2015 of the Journal of Belgian History has been published


This issue contains seven articles about different aspects of Belgian history, from the 19th century to the last years of the 20th century. They tackle immigration policy, the Congo, Trotskyism, resistance in WWII, the royal question, the development of retirement pensions and Flamenpolitik.


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Journal of Belgian History. The first issue of 2015 has been published

This issue contains four articles with a wide variety of political, cultural and social themes from the nineteenth as well as the twentieth century. Read more...

Subscriptions or single issues of the JBH

SubscriptionsFour issues, of which one double issue, to be published in May (N°1), September (N° 2-3) and December (N°4)
Individuals: 65 € postage not included
Institutional: 90 € postage not included
Booksellers benefit from a reduction of 30 % on these rates.

To order a single issueparticuliers: 25 € (numéro double 50 €) frais de port non inclus
Individuals: 25 € (double issue 50 €) postage not included
Institutional: 35 € (double issue 70 €) postage not included
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