Studie- en Documentatiecentrum Oorlog en Hedendaagse Maatschappij- Luchtvaartsquare 29 - 1070 Brussel (België)

fonds  Collectie rapporten, orders, lijsten hoofdzakelijk van de Militärbefehlshaber en -verwaltung over economische (oa oorlogsproductie) en ravitailleringsaangelegenheden en personeel
item   Audit report on the annual report accounts for 1942 (Brussels Trustee Company), 1942. - 1 p..
file   File containing telephone and room numbers with names of Military Administration staff with same for Economic Department (German military government in Belgium), 12/12/1940-20/2/1941. - 1 dossier.
file   File containing adresses and telephone numbers of the sections of the Military Administration and Armaments Inspecterate. Alphabetical list of officier personnel with rank and functions (German Military Government in Belgium), 1/11/1942. - 1 dossier.
file   Documents concernant le groupement principal de l'industrie des fabrications métalliques notamment une liste des membres, 1943.
item   Documents on the black market operations of Belgian workers in Germany (Der Militärbefehlshaber fûr Belgien und Nordfrankreich), 1944. - 1 p..
file   Various orders referring to issues of food rations, etc. to army units (Der Militärbefehlshaber für Belgien und Nordfrankreich), 1942.
item   Photocopy of a report with pictorial statistics illustrating the contribution in manpower raw materials and manufactured goods made by Belgium to German War economy during 1941 (Dr Militärbefehlshaber in Belgien und Nordfrankreich), 1941. - 1 folder.