Gifts or Deposits CegeSoma

Gifts or Deposits

CegeSoma conserves archives of physical or moral entities with a private law statute (individuals, associations, enterprises, etc.) that could shed furhter light on political, social and cultural aspects of 20th century conflict-history. 

Why should you confide your documents to CegeSoma ?

  • To guarantee a long-term, durable preservation
  • To contribute to historical research of researchers and the visitors of our institute

CegeSoma gladly accepts your archives, books, manuscripts, pamphlets and leaflets, archives, manuscripts, brochures, posters, photographic material, sound archives etc. We do not accept museum objects or celluloid films (since these need highly specific conditions of preservation)

What are the possibilities ?

  • A gift : you can offer your documents and in doing so, you ensure a long-term preservation as they will become part of the state domain. 
  • A deposit  : you can give your documents to us in custody for a period of 30 years, in which you remain the owner. 
  • Digitization : if the quantity and the state of the documents make this possible, you can lend us your documents for a well-defined period. Our digitization office will make high resolution scans and return to you a digital copy and/or the original material.

Different contracts describe the conditions of gifts and collections in deposit in more detail, but specific adaptions can be made case per case.

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Thank you in advance !