Moving of archive collections: important message for visitors

Because of the closure of our repository in the Belgrade Street (Forest), some important removal operations will gradually take place in 2021. Large parts of CegeSoma's archives collections will move to other repositories of the State Archives in Brussels. The public law archives of government administrations (including the archives of the Intelligence and Action Services) will move to the General State Archives in the Ruisbroek Street. Archives formed by the military courts (including records of convictions) as well as private archives (personal archives, archives of resistance groups) are transferred to the National Archives 2 - Joseph Cuvelier repository (ARA2) in the Hopstraat/Rue du Houblon. The exact timing will be communicated gradually.

This will of course have consequences for consultation and accessibility. We will evolve towards a situation where eventually only the library (books, magazines, brochures, newspapers, illegal press, newspaper clippings), the photo and audiovisual collections, and the archives formed by CegeSoma will be available for consultation in our reading room at the Aviation Square. CegeSoma will continue to manage its archives collections stored in the ARA2. It is therefore very important to consult our website before your visit to see where and when which archives can be consulted.

Please note - in order to consult these documents, please follow these steps:

  1. Send a message to mentioning the fonds/inventory numbers you wish to consult.
  2. You will receive an e-mail confirmation when the documents are reserved for you. Reservations will be retrieved twice a week.
  3. Make an appointment in the reading room of AGR2 by sending a message to .

! Due to their relocation, AA667-AA1332 will be temporarily unavailable from September to October.
! The fonds AA1-AA666
and AA1334-AA2518 have been moved and are available for consultation in the reading room of AGR2.

Due to processing (e.g. in the context of the Wikibase project) some files will have to remain in the Aviation Square for the time being, partially or fully.
The files that will remain integral in the Aviation Square for the time being are:

  •  AA585 Archives Devisenschutzkommando
  • AA616 Archives of Hervé Close, 'liquidator' of the Mill group (MNB)
  • AA1089 Archives linked to the liquidation of the intelligence service Portemine and its escape affiliate Eva (1941-1944)
  • AA1134 Partial archives of and about the Nola action service (1942-1944)
  • AA1217 Church and clergy survey during the occupation. 1st part.
  • AA1218 Church and clergy survey during the occupation. 2nd part.
  • AA1553 Archives of the Union nationale des mères et femmes de fusillés et prisonniers politiques décédés
  • AA1673 Archives of the Amicale des Prisonniers Politiques, survivors of the September 3, 1944 convoy (the so-called ‘ghost train’). 1st part.
  • AA1853 Archives of the National Union of the Clandestine Press. 2nd part.
  • AA1859 Recognition files of the National Royalist Movement (MNR)
  • AA1881 OMBR recognition files
  • AA2006 Personal files of members of the armed resistance movement Les Insoumis
  • AA2512 Records of the Hotton service and its fraternity
  • 3120 SGRS-S/A. Independence Front (FI) 40/44. Patriotic Militias
  • 3121 Records of the resistance movement Les Affranchis. Recognition files

The following files will remain at Aviation Square only partially for the time being. These are mainly series of individual files, member lists and the like:

  • AA976 Archives related to the 'liquidation' of the resistance movement Les Affranchis in the immediate post-war period
  • AA977 Archives related to the 'liquidation' of the so-called Group G (Groupe général de Sabotage de Belgique) after World War II
  • AA1048 Archives related to the liquidation of the D service
  • AA1056 Archives of the National Union of the Clandestine Press (UNPC). Part 1.
  • AA1105 Partial archives of the Tégal intelligence service (1940-1944)
  • AA1135 Archives of and about the Luc-Marc intelligence service, "couriers »
  • AA1333 Files of the Intelligence and Action Services (SRA) of the State Security Service
  • AA2127 Archives of Independence Front
  • AA2495 Records of the armed resistance movement Witte Brigade (Fidelio)

The archives formed by CegeSoma itself, such as AA2268 (CegeSoma. Interviews conducted by the researchers. Transcriptions), remain as mentioned in the Aviation Square and can therefore be consulted there.

The list here provides an overview of the archives that have been moved and where they are currently located. It will be updated after each transfer. Via their title and former call number in Pallas, you can see which collections have been transferred to the Archives générales du Royaume 1 (AGR1) or to the Archives générales du Royaume 2 - Dépôt Joseph Cuvelier (AGR2). Documents can be provisionally requested from AGR1 and AGR2 on the basis of their Pallas "call number" (number "AA").

For specific questions about accessibility :

Needless to say, we remain very happy to answer all your historical and archival-related questions. And, of course, you can still contact us if you wish to donate archival materials to CegeSoma.

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