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Belgian Colonial History in the JBH

Congo, Missionary Sisters in Stanleyville Hospital (1942-1944), André Cauvin fonds, rights reserved.

In the recent issue of the JBH (2020-1) we published new research by Oxford historian Guy Bud about the impact of the Second World War on the Belgian colony of Congo and Ruanda-Urundi and (on a longer term) the decolonization. The history of Belgium’s colonial past is more present than ever before. In June 2020, the Belgian parliament appointed an expert committee to prepare a report that should lay the foundations for some kind reconciliatory dealing with this traumatic past. These past decades, the JBH has published tens of articles about Belgium’s colonial history in its broadest sense. This way, our journal represents an important part of historical research about colonization and decolonization.

The coming weeks and months, we will highlight this reservoir of available knowledge. On the journal’s website, we will regularly focus on specific contributions from our rich digital archive. Be sure to check : www.journalbelgianhistory.be