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Brussels toponymy of yesterday and tomorrow

Call for contributions to a collective publication

The Brussels Studies Institute (BSI), EBxl (ULB's Brussels Studies Network), CegeSoma/State Archives (Study Centre War and Society) and the Royal Belgian Geographical Society have joined forces to produce a publication on Brussels toponymy. A database has been compiled containing all of the (approximately 5,000) place names in Brussels (streets, avenues, roundabouts, roads, tunnels, squares, etc.) has been created, with each toponym categorized and briefly described. This database forms the basis for various ongoing analyses of Brussels toponymy (geographical and topographical aspects, historical aspects, disputes, etc.). This first publication is the starting point for a broader perspective.
In preparation for a collective publication, the BSI, EBxl and CegeSoma invite anyone concerned with Brussels toponymy to submit a proposal for a contribution (maximum 1500 characters) by Monday, June 17.

Selected proposals will be presented by their authors at a seminar on Thursday, November 14, after which thematic chapters will be defined and teams of authors formed. Each chapter will be led by a first author accompanied by several co-authors from different universities, organizations and disciplines. Authors will have access to the toponymic database and cartographic or infographic support to write their thematic chapter.

Contact & submission of contributions: iadine.degryse@ulb.be