La résistance et les Européens du Nord. Het Verzet en Noord-Europa.

The specific nature of the contributions submitted and discussed in Brussels...


La guerre secrète des espions belges, 1940-1944

The fruit of the author's doctoral thesis, this book is fundamental to...

Vie et attitude des catholiques belges sous l’occupation

Entre la peste et le choléra

During the Second World War, the church, like the secretaries general, the...


Résistance sans frontières.

On 9 October 1943, nine members of the Belgian and Dutch resistance were shot in Rhijnauwen (...


The Palgrave Handbook of State-Sponsored History after 1945

With 45 chapters and no less than 50 authors, this is the first book to systematically consider...

Oorlog in korte broek, 14-18. (War in Short Pants).

Oorlog in korte broek, 14-18.

The catalogue accompanying the exhibition “War in Short Pants, 14-18” recounts the fate of...