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Who are we? CegeSoma is the fourth operational direction of the State Archives and the Belgian centre of expertise for the history of 20th century conflicts. We conduct fundamental historical research, develop public history projects, conserve archives and documentation and are engaged in societal debate.


Drawing by Robert Bergman for the book « Des bâtons dans les roues. Les cheminots belges durant la deuxième guerre mondiale, Copyright Collection SNCB – Train World Heritage

Research: The SNCB/NMBS and deportations during WWII. Call for testimonies and private archives.

At the request of the Belgian government, the Study and Documentation Centre for War and Society (CegeSoma, State Archives) is conducting an investigation into the role of the National Railway Company Belgium (SNCB) in the deportations of Jews, Roma and Sinti, political prisoners and forced labourers during the Second World War.


Bruno De Wever & Koen Aerts, copyrights Thomas De Boever

“Oorlogscafés”: Collaboration and repression in Flanders

On 24 November, Koen Aerts ( UGent /State Archives-CegeSoma) and Bruno De Wever ( UGent ) launched a new type of lectures in Gent titled “ Oorlogscafés ”. Partners are the Davidsfonds and the...Read more

24/11 2022 to 24/04 2023

The rescue of Antwerp diamonds in May '40.

Conference-debate (in Dutch) with Bruno Comer as guest speaker . A discussion led by Dirk Luyten (CegeSoma/Dtate Archives).

We are at the beginning of World War II in Belgium and the rapid advance of the Germans is causing havoc throughout the...Read more

21/12 2022