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Who are we? CegeSoma is the fourth operational direction of the State Archives and the Belgian centre of expertise for the history of 20th century conflicts. We conduct fundamental historical research, develop public history projects, conserve archives and documentation and are engaged in societal debate.

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From San Francisco to Anderlecht, tracing the path of an uncle, a B-17 navigator

How to research a relative’s experience during World War 2, when an ocean and 78 years separate a family from the time and place where it all happened? This is the story of how – with the help of CegeSoma - two brothers, Steve and Rick Katz, learned how their uncle, Monroe Gordon, was saved by Belgian resistance fighters in 1944.


Study day

The Resistance: New research tools, new approaches

The CegeSoma/State Archives and the State Archives in Liège are pleased to welcome you to a study day in Liège on Monday 17 October to discover the numerous tools that have been developed over the past years to thoroughly...Read more

17/10 2022
Illustration : affiche de recrutement 'Il crée de la richesse' conçue par André Linglet, ca 1950 (Archives du musée de la mine de Beringen)

The energy crisis: a sense of 'déjà vu'?

Conference-debate in Dutch with guest Guy Coppieters (State Archives). An interview by Dirk Luyten (CegeSoma/State Archives).

After the brief euphoria of the Liberation in September 1944, the war drags on and chaos reigns....Read more

19/10 2022
Cinema Capitole in Gent, photo no 5937, copyrights CegeSoma/State Archives

Media and cultural life in occupied Western Europe (1940-1945)

Press, radio, cinema, literature, theatre, spectacles… In German-occupied Europe, all of these sectors are under strict control of the national-socialist apparatus. Their fate is thus linked. However, current research rarely...Read more

07/11 2022 to 08/11 2022