Welkom op de nieuwe website van het CegeSoma

Welcome to the new website of CegeSoma

Who are we? CegeSoma is the fourth operational direction of the State Archives and the Belgian centre of expertise for the history of 20th century conflicts. We conduct fundamental historical research, develop public history projects, conserve archives and documentation and are engaged in societal debate. This new thematic website was launched in December 2019 : information about our older activities is gradually added.

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Collection Belgapress -  copyrights CegeSoma/State Archives

The Radio Bruxelles - Zender Brussel archives

On 13 February, UNESCO celebrated the 9th edition of the World Radio Day. This was the occasion for CegeSoma to highlight its radio archives, in particular those produced by by the German radio institution Radio Bruxelles-Zender Brussel between 1940 and 1945. They can now be accessed online and in our reading room.


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