Emmanuel Debruyne

Emmanuel Debruyne

Emmanuel Debruyne (°1975) studied history at the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL).

As a project researcher at CegeSoma in 1999-2007, he participated, among others, in the research mission ‘ Gewillig belgië/La Belgique docile’ which studied the attitude of the Belgian authorities in the persecution and deportation of Jews in Belgium during WW2, focusing especially on the pre-war period, the arrests of May 1940 and the reactions of the  Belgian government in exile, and in the project ‘Guerre et démocratisation’ ('War and democratisation').

In 2006, he defended his doctoral thesis on the Belgian intelligence services during the WW2.

His research focuses on the two world wars in general and in particular on intelligence and resistance in Belgium, as well as on the links between international law and the Belgian war experience.

He left CegeSoma on 30 September 2007 but is still currently a member of the RBHC Editorial Board.

He is notably the author (or the co-author) of :

  • « Femmes à Boches ». Occupation du corps féminin dans la France et la Belgique de la Grande Guerre, Paris, Les Belles Lettres, 2018, 464 p.
  • En territoire ennemi. 1914-1949. Expériences d'occupation, transferts, héritages
  • C'était Tégal: un réseau de renseignements en Belgique occupée, 1940-1944
  • La Belgique docile. Les autorités belges et la persécution des Juifs en Belgique durant la Seconde Guerre mondiale
  • La guerre secrète des espions belges: 1940-1944