Tussen twee vuren. Gerecht en verzet tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog.

Tussen twee vuren (Between the Crossfire)

During the Second World War, the Belgian judiciary is caught in the crossfire. The German...

Papy était-il un nazi? Sur les traces d'un passé de guerre.

Was Grandpa a Nazi?

Staff members from the State Archives / CegeSoma have made an essential contribution to this...


Les mots de la Justice [The Words of Justice]

Lawyer, legal assistant, conciliation, standards, neutrality, recidivism,...

Un maquis dans les cités. La Résistance à Watermael-Boitsfort, 1940-1945.

Un maquis dans les cités (A maquis in the Cities)

In this posthumous publication, André Dartevelle uses his talent as a historian and journalist...

Ressources et usages des archives de la justice militaire

Ressources et usages des archives de la justice militaire (Resources and Uses of Military Justice Archives)

Military jurisdictions in peacetime were abolished in Belgium in January...

L'image d'archives. Une image en devenir.

L'image d'archives

From image to archival image The original goal of this book is the identification of the...

De wieg van de Tweede Wereldoorlog. Oorlogskinderen op de as Brussel-Berlijn.

De wieg van de Tweede Wereldoorlog (The Cradle of the Second World War)

In 2009 Gerlinda Swillen, as CegeSoma associate researcher, published ‘...


Mayoral Collaboration under Nazi Occupation in Belgium, the Netherlands and France 1938-46

This international comparison between Belgium, the Netherlands and the north of France ( Nord/...

Bruxelles ville occupée, 1914-1918.

Bruxelles ville occupée 1914-1918 (Brussels, Occupied City 1914-1918)

It is through the image that the authors of Bruxelles ville occupée 1914-...

Nations, Identities and the First World War. Shifting Loyalties to the Fatherland.

Nations, Identities and the First World War.

This edited volume is based on the international ‘War and Fatherland’...

Kinderen van de repressie. Hoe we worstelen met de bestraffing van de collaboratie.

Kinderen van de repressie (Children of Repression)

This book is the outcome of years of research by Dr Koen Aerts ( Ghent University). Based on...


Warfare & Welfare.

Wars are moments of acceleration in the development of social policy. After...