Resistance Braine le Comte

The Resistance (1940-1945)

1. The main archival fonds kept at CegeSoma and elsewhere:

The resistance during the Second World War gave rise, after the conflict, to various statuses of national recognition, generating hundreds of thousands of personal files.

The status of armed resistance fighter

  • The official personal files of the majority of armed resistance fighters are kept in the National Archives of Belgium (Rue de Ruysbroeck 2-6 in 1000 Brussels). Contact: - 02/513.76.80. The other files on armed resistance fighters, including those relating to almost all persons whose names begin with the letters A and B, are kept together with their individual military files at the "Notary's" section of the Ministry of Defense (Rue d'Evere 1, block 6 C, 1140 Evere). Contact:
  • The major armed resistance organizations created their own personal files.
    • Those of the Secret Army (AS/GL), the Belgian National Movement (MNB/BNB) and the Liberation Army (AL./BL) are kept at the General Service of Intelligence and Security. Section Archives of Defense (Queen Elisabeth Quarter, block 15, rue d'Evere, 1 to 1140 Evere). Contact: Eva Muys ( or
    • Those of the Independent Front (FI/OF) are kept in the National Museum of the Resistance of Belgium (Van Lint Street, 14 in 1070 Anderlecht). Contact: Samuel Pauwels.
    • The files of the following groups are kept at CegeSoma: « Affranchis », « Insoumis », Group G, Kempisch Legioen, L. 100, the National Royalist Movement (MNR/NKB), Nola, the Belgian Military Resistance Organization, Service D and the Witte Brigade are kept at CegeSoma (see our online catalog Pallas).

The statutes of political prisoner, civil resistance fighter and resistance fighter by the underground press

  • The personal files of political prisoners, civil resistance members and underground press resistance members  are kept at the archives of the Service for War Victims (Service Archives des Victimes de la Guerre), sharing the same building with CegeSoma (square de l'Aviation, 31 in 1070 Brussels). Contact: Alexandra Matagne  or Gert De Prins.

The status of intelligence and action agent

  • The personal files of the intelligence and action agents are kept by CegeSoma. In order to consult them, it is necessary to obtain prior authorization from the Belgian State Security Service, to be requested from General Councillor Robin Libert.

Finally, CegeSoma's library and archives (paper + images and sounds) are full of information allowing to contextualize the action of resistance fighters. An exploration of our online catalog Pallas also provides additional information on a certain number of resistance fighters.

2. Where to find additional information?

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