Sabine Bordon

Sabine Bordon


Sabine Bordon is a translator and a graphic re-educator. A granddaughter and great-granddaughter of resistance fighters, she has conducted research to deepen and understand family revelations. These  gave her access to the world of archives and the preservation of the Memory of the Second World War, but they also prompted her to write a testimony novel, Sheikh mat, the king is caught. This introspective work took her well beyond the Belgian borders and beyond the “Schærbeekoise” resistance. It was an opportunity to discover the fate of children and adolescents from the perspective of the concentration camp world, namely children's camps and the internment of young people in concentration camps.

At the same time, she was working with Pierre Hirsch to write a biography of his uncle, Maxime Vanpraag, the fourth head of the Zero network.

Publications :

BORDON, Sabine, 2017, Des enfants et des hommes, Traces de mémoire, no 26, pp 8-9.

BORDON, Sabine, 2018, Tomi Ungerer, Traces de mémoire, no 29, pp 8-9.