Memorial Traces of the Great War in Liège and Antwerp


The First World War, with its incredible violence and its unexpected...

The Senate - 10.12.2019, © Bart Boon (State Archives)

Study day on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of CegeSoma and the 75th anniversary of the Liberation

On December 10, 2019, 200 people attended the study day at the Senate on the...

Transmemo. A project on the memory of collaboration and resistance during the Second World War in Belgium.


In September 2017, the federal research project TRANSMEMO was launched - a...

Guerre, famille et transmission. Colloquium project ‘TRANSMEMO’ (memories of collaboration and resistance).

Guerre, famille et transmission

On Thursday 3 October 2019 we will co-organize a conference of the research project TRANSMEMO...

Les décombres de la guerre. Mémoires belges en conflit, 1945-2010.

Les décombres de la guerre

The liberation of 1944 does not only mark the liberation of Belgium. It also...

La valise oubliée. Enfants de guerre (1940-1945).

La valise oubliée (The Forgotten Suitcase)

Coming after the "children of the collaboration", made very fashionable by the Flemish television...

La résistance et les Européens du Nord. Het Verzet en Noord-Europa.

The specific nature of the contributions submitted and discussed in Brussels...


The Palgrave Handbook of State-Sponsored History after 1945

With 45 chapters and no less than 50 authors, this is the first book to systematically consider...

En territoire ennemi 1914-1949. Expériences d’occupation, transferts, héritages.

En territoire ennemi 1914-1949.

Periods of commemoration often offer opportunities in the editorial field....

1918-2018. Quatre ans de guerre, cent ans d'impacts. (Le Vif - Hors-série).

1918-2018. Quatre ans de guerre, cent ans d'impacts.

November 1918. Finally, the guns fell silent. Yet, it was not possible to...

European Holocaust Research Infrastructure


EHRI is a European research project (Horizon 2020) that supports Holocaust scholars by building...