Archives of the network Luc-Marc

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Archives fonds description:

CegeSoma acquired the Luc-Marc archives in 1973. It is the most important fonds about an intelligence service conserved by the Centre, both in terms of volume and historical value. The fonds contains letters and operational documents of the service from 1942 onwards.

The Luc service, one of the major pro-Allied intelligence networks created in occupied Belgium, was founded in fall 1940 by Georges Leclercq. Its name changed in 1942 and became Marc. The network was headed by its founder Georges Leclercq, together with and André Cauvin and Henri Bernard. Within four years, the service developed exponentially. When SOE agent Jean Cassart, with whom they were incontact, was arrested the three men were forced to flee to the United Kingdom. Pierre Depreter and André Delvigne took over the leadership of the network until June 1942.

London decided to dispatch Max Londot from Liège to the service, who set up the first radio link of the network and served as advisor to Depreter. When the latter got arrested in October 1942, Londot became head of the service. He then narrowly escaped arrest himself in March 1943. Under his direction, the service developed significantly.

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