Belgian soldiers Second World War

Belgian soldiers, prisoners of war and military units (1940-1945)

1. The main archival fonds kept at CegeSoma and elsewhere :

The personal military files of officers born from 1900 onwards, as well as those of NCOs and soldiers born after 1888, are kept in the Notary's sub-section of the General Directorate of Human Resources of the Ministry of Defence (Queen Elisabeth Quarter, block 6c, 1 rue d'Evere in 1140 Brussels). Contact: or 02/441.73.69.

The same types of files relating to officers born before 1900 and NCOs and soldiers born before 1889 are kept at the Documentation Centre of the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces and Military History (Parc du Cinquantenaire, 3, 1000 Brussels). The same Documentation Centre also keeps the archives of the Ministry of National Defense before 1940. Contact: or 02/737.79.34 -31.

In addition, the more general archives relating to military units and prisoner of war camps are accessible at the Historical Documentation Centre of the Armed Forces (Queen Elisabeth Quarter, block 15, 1 rue d'Evere, 1140 Brussels). Contact: or 02/441.75. 14 – 13.

Finally, various archival fonds related to these themes, in particular on the « 18-day campaign » in 1940 and life in POW camps, are kept at CegeSoma. The online catalog Pallas of the institution allows you to locate them prior to visit at CegeSoma.

2. Where to find additional information?

  • Histoire de l'armée belge de 1830 à nos jours, Bruxelles, Centre de Documentation Historique des Forces Armées, 1988, T. II : De 1920 à nos jours.
  • DE FABRIBECKERS Edmond, La campagne de l'armée belge en 1940, Rossel, Bruxelles, 1978. 
  • JAMART Jean, L'armée belge de France de 1940, Chez l'auteur, Bruxelles, 1994.
  • GYSEMBERG Maurice, L'évolution des Forces armées belges de juin 1940 au pacte de Bruxelles, 2 vol., ULB, Bruxelles, 1988. 
  • CHARLES Jean-Léon, Les forces armées belges au cours de la Deuxième Guerre mondiale, La Renaissance du Livre, Bruxelles, 1970.
  • Les combattants de '40. Hommage de la Wallonie aux Prisonniers de guerre, I.J.D., Charleroi, 1995.
  • GILET E., « Histoire des prisonniers de guerre 1940-1945 » dans Revue belge d'Histoire militaire, 1987 à 1990.  
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