Brochures of collaboration movements

Brochures of collaboration movements

  • Acces and consultation : Brochures of collaboration movements kept by CegeSoma are available during the opening hours of the reading room. Their content is freely available for consultation. Part of the collection has been digitized and is now only accessible via the screens of the Digital CornerReservation.
  • Reproduction :  The content of the collection can be freely reproduced in the reading room. For any request for reproduction by CegeSoma staff, practical information available here.   
  • Finding aids : In Pallas, brochures are identifiable by their title and their identification number starting with BA or BBB. List of digitized brochures

Fund Description :

The project to digitize brochures of collaboration movements was financed by Belspo (Federal Science Policy) and carried out by a private firm.

Because of their frequent consultation, these brochures are often in poor condition, which fully justifies their digitization. Only their digital version can be consulted. This has a great advantage: as was the case with the wartime press, the brochures are OCRized, which facilitates research: the reader can search for any word in the text.

Why collaboration? As financial means were limited, a selection had to be made. The choice went to the brochures of the Second World War collaboration movements, and first of all to those of Rex and the VNV. Their interest is undeniable. Moreover, thematically, they are close to the wartime press.