Les transmissions. La guerre en héritage. (TheTransmissions. The Legacy of War) A series of three podcasts (in French).

Les transmissions. La guerre en héritage. (TheTransmissions. The Legacy of War) A series of three podcasts (in French).

In 2017 the research project 'Transmemo' on the family memory of resistance and collaboration during the Second War in Belgium was initiated. Within the framework of this project, eighty Dutch and French-speaking families agreed to be interviewed across three generations (the children of the war - their children and grandchildren).

Three years later, in parallel with forthcoming scientific publications on the results of the project and in order to bring these stories to life, a series of three podcasts 'Les transmissions : la guerre en héritage' was produced by Florence Rasmont and Guillaume Abgrall (Gsara asbl).

The purpose of these podcasts is to share the stories of three families that participated in the Transmemo project. The series puts us in the footsteps of the engagement of their forefathers during the war while helping us discover both the past and the ever-present impact of this story on the families.

The series 'Les transmissions. La guerre en héritage' was selected for the documentary creation prize at the 18th 'Longueur d'Ondes' radio listening festival, to be held in Brest in February 2021. The series directed by Florence Rasmont and Guillaume Abgrall will therefore be on the program of the festival. The announcement of the jury's final selection for the grand prize will take place on the evening of February 6.

The series 'Les transmissions' has been broadcast on several community radio stations (Radio Campus, Radio Panik, 48FM, etc.) and will be aired on La Première/RTBF on January 8, 2021 (1st and 2nd episodes) and January 15, 2021 (3rd episode + presentation of the series by Florence Rasmont and Guillaume Abgrall) in the program "Par Ouïe dire" at 10 pm.

To know more about it ? Discover the video interview of Florence Rasmont :


The three episodes (in French) of the series 'Les Transmissions. La guerre en héritage' (TheTransmissions. The Legacy of War):

Episode 1: From mother to daughter 

This is the story of a mother who never recovered from deportation. It is also the story of a daughter, born in the post-war period, torn between admiration for her resilient mother and the pains of everyday family life. It is also the story of a conflict between two generations of militant women, each one swept away by the great struggles of their time.

Episode 2: The Secret

In 1968, Antoine learned from his father that the latter had fought on the German side during the war. Antoine kept the secret all his life, until he decided to investigate and come out of his silence. In this episode, Antoine tells us about his research and his questions both on the great and the small history. An introspective dive into the search for facts that have marked his family and his memory forever.

Episode 3 : Bompa

'Bompa' means Grandpa, grandfather, in Brussels dialect. This is how Charles, a former communist worker, resistant and deported, is affectionately nicknamed by his entire family. Bompa is at the same time the story of one man's struggle and of his resilience. It is also the story of a family through the 20th century, confronted with war and the transformation of the working class world of Brussels.

Podcast production: Florence Rasmont and Guillaume Abgrall.
Music: Tuur Florizoone.
With the support of Belspo and the Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles.
Production: Gsara - Cegesoma/ State Archives.