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In the lands of exile

During World War II, some...Read more

ADOCHS - Project progres

On 10 February, the annual meeting of the research team and the scientific...Read more

A statement from EHRI on the importance of academic freedom for research on the Holocaust

Following recent court cases in Poland against Holocaust researchers Barbara Engelking and Jan...Read more

Archives Leo Vindevogel

Les Enfants de la Collaboration or the Archives of the Collaboration?

An exceptional promotional campaign

Three years...Read more

Dr. Anna Ullrich in conversation with some former EHRI fellows during the conference 'Holocaust Studies in its Social Setting', on July 3, 2019 in Amsterdam. (Photo Marc Nauwen/EHRI)

Call for candidates for the EHRI-Conny Kristel scholarships

The EHRI (European Holocaust Research Infrastructure), of which the State...Read more

Execution, 1948 - De Bruyne E.- Riemst - Rights reserved - photo no. 93220

A first workshop for the Postwarex project

On Monday, December 14, 2020, the BRAIN 2.0...Read more

CegeSoma in the media

Following the strong public interest for the documentary film on children of the collaboration...Read more

Three questions to ... a new 'doctor', Anne Chardonnens, in charge of digital access to CegeSoma's collections

Dear Anne, you have just defended your dissertation - this Tuesday, December...Read more

Les Transmissions. La guerre en héritage (TheTransmissions. The Legacy of War)

In 2017 the research project ' Transmemo ' on...Read more

'Lily van Oost, 1937' - Copyrights Arch. Famille de Gerlache de Gomery - van Oost. Copyright: all rights reserved.

Lives turned topsy-turvy, forever

As we all know, the war and the occupation have deeply and lastingly...Read more

Michael Auwers

A new colleague reinforces CegeSoma’s permanent scientific team

On 1 October, Michael Auwers joined CegeSoma. Who is he and which is his assignment?

A...Read more

The historical truth and the perception of the Second World War in Belgium in these times of so-called ‘post-truth’

On 23 September,...Read more