Nulpunt 1945. De Lage Landen een mensenleven later

"Nulpunt 1945"

The book “ Nulpunt 1945. De Lage Landen een mensenleven later ” (Zero-point...

Gurs, historia y memoria

Gurs, history and memory of the Spanish republican exile (1939)

The Marcel Liebman Institute and CegeSoma/State Archives are pleased to...

Transmemo. A project on the memory of collaboration and resistance during the Second World War in Belgium.


In September 2017, the federal research project TRANSMEMO was launched - a...

Guerre, famille et transmission. Colloquium project ‘TRANSMEMO’ (memories of collaboration and resistance).

Guerre, famille et transmission

On Thursday 3 October 2019 we will co-organize a conference of the research project TRANSMEMO...

Kinderen van de repressie. Hoe we worstelen met de bestraffing van de collaboratie.

Kinderen van de repressie (Children of Repression)

This book is the outcome of years of research by Dr Koen Aerts ( Ghent University). Based on...