Archives of Groupe 'G'

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  • Research instruments: Inventory AA977 (Archives of  Groupe G), Inventory AA1137 (Intelligence and Action Service in the Liège Region: Réseau Zéro, Service D and Groupe G)

Arhcive fonds description:

The archives of Groupe G contain documents about associations created as extensions of resistance groups in the wake of the war and documents about Groupe G itself. Fonds AA1137 also contains files on members of Groupe G.

The “Groupe général de Sabotage de Belgique”, in short “Groupe G”, was founded in 1942 by J. Burgers, upon initiative of members of the teaching staff and alumni of U.L.B. and thanks to, among others, contacts with major Wandelen, who was parachuted from London and charged with the organisation of sabotage acts in Belgium. The role of Groupe G was to contribute to sabotage through scientifically studied and executed acts that would not provoke retaliation against the civil population, and to slow down or destroy, if possible, the economic and industrial input that occupied Belgium was forced to supply to Nazi Germany. Key targets for sabotage were communication and energy infrastructures.

Groupe G went into liquidation on 15 October 1944, when all resistance groups were demobilised.

For more information :

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