Joseph Dubar (à droite), un des fondateurs du réseau Ali-France. Photo du fonds Fernand Strubbe, photo n° 64048, copyrights CegeSoma/Archives de l'Etat.

Ali-France papers

  • Access and consultation: The Ali-France Papers can be accessed during the opening hours of the reading room. Its content is freely accessible. Reservation.
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  • Research instruments: Inventory AA1129

Archive fonds description:

Documents about the Ali-France service in charge of accommodation and exfiltration of agents, and transport of intelligence mail to the south of France

The Ali-France network enabled hundreds of people to flee into the unoccupied zone and to transfer mail from the Belgian intelligence services. The network was designed to transport persons and intelligence information to the south of France and collaborated with other networks such as Comète and Zéro. The Ali-France archive fonds is composed of documents found in the course of historical research and forms a useful addition to the W. Ugeux Papers also conserved at CEGESOMA.

For more information :

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