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EHRI (2015 - )

European Holocaust Research Infrastructure

European Holocaust Research Infrastructure

EHRI is a European research project (Horizon 2020)  that supports Holocaust scholars by building a digital research infrastructure and facilitating human networks.  

The Online Portal

EHRI's main creation is its online portal, where more than 200 000 Holocaust-relevant archival descriptions from 1 900  collection holding institutions are freely accessible. EHRI is a pioneer project of archival data sharing at international level that provides open access, standard-compliant and reusable content by means of free digital tools. 

Learning and Disseminating

EHRI also offers a wide range of opportunities (fellowships, on-line courses and guides, workshops, conferences, a document blog) to scholars, archivists and practitioners, in order to promote new transnational and collaborative approaches to the study of the dispersed sources of the Holocaust.

A Digital Infrastructure. A Human Network